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Thread: How many people will show up to MetLife on Thursday?

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    How many people will show up to MetLife on Thursday?

    Big Rivalry game, still a meaningful game

    but it's Thanksgiving and the Jets are 4-6..

    Should one expect a big crowd or not? Im thinking 60,000 will be there.

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    My guess is a full crowd, yes.

    Had they lost to the Rams things might have been different.

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    i think it will be sold out by game time

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    Stay home and dont ruin your thanksgiving. The pats r the best team in the afc and the defense is much much better with talib back there. Its gonna be a slaughter.

    Pats 30
    Jets 10

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    Beating the Rams is the worst thing that could have happened. A loss and an empty building on national TV could have hit home with Woody. Now I suspect a decent crowd will witness the blowout. We'll follow it up with a few meaningless wins on the way to another good-enough-so-no-one-gets-fired 8-8 record. Yay.

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    Expect a ton of Pats fans to show up.

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    They may announce the crowd at 75,000, realistically, I'm expecting a little more than half full.

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    Anything to get away from the in-laws.


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