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Thread: PREDICT the SCORE: JETS vs patsies

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuidoYaztremski View Post
    HA! That would be a good one if it were only true. Didn't happen, tho. Sorry.

    But YOU didn't have a single post last week after the Seattle debacle.
    Too busy selling his Pats/Jets tickets

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    Quote Originally Posted by billygreen View Post
    If you were gonna hang 41 points on the Jets you would have done it up at Gillette wouldn't you? Face it, this defense was geared to stop the Tom Brady's and Peyton Mannings of the world. Jets will have thier ST's together in this one too so don't count on any stupid blocked FG's or anything to help you our either bro... LOL!
    Unfortunately, real NFL teams can make adjustments. Real coaches, including those with some knowledge of offense and game plans, will go back and look at film, see what worked, what didn't, and adjust accordingly.

    Rex and Sporano are not in the category, yet, every time the Jets beat up on another crap team everyone comes out of puffing their chest like this is a playoff team.

    This one won't even be close.

    Pats: 35
    Jets: 20

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    In the Rex Ryan era, the first Jets-Patriots match-up is always a close game decided by single digits. The second Jets-Patriots match-up is always a blow-out by New England. Gronkowski out will help limit the blow, but I still can't think of a way we pull this one out. Hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it.

    Patriots - 21
    Jets - 10

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    Jets 24

    Pasts. 23

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    pats 31
    jets 13

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    Jets 28
    Patriots 27

    Difference in the game is a missed extra point after Hoomanamanameleuna gets beaten on the wing.

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    Jets 38
    Pats 35

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    I like your attitude sg3!!

    Quote Originally Posted by sg3 View Post
    Jets 45
    Pattycakes 3

    Mo, Q and Davis meet at Tammy early in first quarter and end her season

    Ryan "Leaf" Mullet takes over and craps the bed throwing four picks

    Cheating Bill stomps off the field before the game ends refusing to shake Rex's hand

    Vinny Yastrumskey disappears from JI as he heads for the Chowd troll hiding cave for months as he did after tne Jets stomped his Pathetics in early 2011


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    jets 27
    pats 17

    mo causes a sack/FF
    stephen hill 4 catches, 65 yds, 1 TD (no drops)
    dustin keller 7 catches, 80 yds

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    Pats 33
    Jets 17

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    Jets - 24
    Patriots - 20

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    Pats 35
    Jets 17

    Sanchez turns the ball over 3 times. 2 picks, 1 fumble.

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    42-7 pats. Sanchez doesn't complete more than 9 passes and throws 3 INT's.

    Tannenbaum extends him 7 years after the game.

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    38 Jets
    24 Pasts

    Close in the first half but jets pull away late in the game

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    Pats 27

    Jets 20

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    PATS 38
    JETS 17

    Fortunately the triptophan, alcohol and trees make me snooze through this whole game.

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    20 Jets

    17 Pats

    This defense aint giving up no 30 pointers from here out. Including Tammy.

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    Pats 31

    Jets 13

    Sanchez with 2 Turnovers or more, and under 50% comp. %

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    Pats 38
    Jets 21


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