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Thread: Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers

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    Quote Originally Posted by cant wait View Post
    Drew stanton was fine. Blame woody for that brilliant move
    Stanton is garbage as well. About as good as a Kellen Clemens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PMarsico9 View Post
    Nobody can say that. McElroy has never been put on a field.

    It's idiots who are bad at scouting determining that Sanchez is a better choice when Sanchez is awful.

    These guys thought Wayne Hunter was decent. They thought Shonn Greene would step right in and be what LT was in the first half of 2010 and what Thomas Jones was in 2009.

    They drafted Kyle Wilson.

    If the owner wasn't a ringleader at a circus, then I have no doubt he would pressure them to play not Tebow, but McElroy. Unfortunately he's pushing for them to play Tebow.

    Which is where we can point to the age-old adage that Tebow's a winner and all he does is win and it's ugly and it's unconventional, but who cares he wins, when that's utter idiocy.

    At this point, I'd like to see Tebow in there, despite hating him and thinking he stinks simply because Sanchez is so far beyond his expiration date that the stadium smells like rotten eggs when he's on the field.
    Installing 1st Mark Brunnel and then Tim Tebow as backups is going out of your way to not get a viable backup, as is drafting a Qb in the 7th round or whenever McElroy was taken. The Jets have gone out of theri way to have the weakest backups possible so as not to threaten the coddlemeister at all or give the fans a voice to call for a backup.

    If REx and Tanny go down it will be because of them stubbornly hitching their careers to a flawed, lousy starter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
    Stanton is garbage as well. About as good as a Kellen Clemens.
    Agreed, what team is he even on now? The Colts? I don't consider him any sort of strong backup QB. He's done very little at the pro level. If the Jets had brought in a Kyle Orton type, I would have said they were serious about upgrading the backup situation. But even a move like Stanton signals to Mark that his job is in no danger.

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    I was surprised the Niners didn't 'cut bait' (if 8 years can be considered cutting bait) with Alex 'game manager' Smith in the offseason. And Harbaugh winking his answer means nothing. Lots of rookies start off hot. You are getting whiny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PMarsico9 View Post
    Alex Smith takes them to the NFC Championship last season. They lose.

    Smith is obviously not very good, despite having a good year last year. Smith is the former #1 overall pick.

    Harbaugh was asked after the game last night in which his "backup," young QB Colin Kaepernick beat the snot out of what was probably widely considered the best defense in the NFL thus far this year, who would start next week and he winked and said he would stay with the hot hand.

    Our coaching staff views it as a success to lose in the AFC Championship game and sticks by a QB with less time invested into him and picked lower in the draft than Smith and refuses to budge to make a change.

    The 49ers, a team with perhaps the best history of winning in the NFL cuts bait on the crappy QB almost immediately since instead of winning in spite of their QB they can win BECAUSE of their QB.

    This is why we're the Jets. That is why they're the 49ers.
    This is an idiotic post. If Sanchez was hurt after one of our AFCC seasons and a back up QB came in and played like THAT ... then you'd have a point. Also saying "our coaching staff views it as a success to lose in the AFC championship game" .. < has to be the dumbest statement I've seen on this forum and NYSackexchange and Sar are on here. Dude you took the cake with that. Sanchez did in 2 years what it took Alex Smith 7 years or whatever to do not to mention Sanchez actually played better in both of his AFCC games than Alex Smith did in his NFCC game. This post is just dumb and I'm even dumber for responding to this nonsense. I been critical of Sanchez, the coaches, and the GM but to sit here from ya cheap internet connection and try to say something that sounds partially sensible and go "our coaching staff considers it a success to lose in the AFCC game" ... seriously I might just be flying off the handle a bit but this is ban worthy. I couldn't mod a forum at all cause i'd ban this clown then ban myself for responding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sec.101row23 View Post
    LOL...except Smith has been the starter for 8 seasons now..LOL
    dont remind me...


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