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Thread: Loss in New England especially painful now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuidoYaztremski View Post
    Really? Because the same thing happened earlier in 4th quarter in the same game. The ref next to the play kept his flag in his pocket and the ref 45+ feet away threw a bogus flag on Lloyd for pushing off.

    And as to the time keeping. Watch the replay, in OT the clock doesn't start until McKnight hits the 7 yd. line. Same thing happened a few times earlier in the game , too.

    The refs sucked for both teams that game. Happens.
    First off, there is a difference between 45 feet away and an immediate penalty called then 76.5 feet away and a 5 second delay for the penalty to be called.

    Second, I guess you are admitting how egregious the issue was with the kickoff return. What does the Mcknight return have to do with anything? Could the clock on that kickoff have remotely any impact on the game? Also, it was after the previous collusion kickoff, so what better way to cover your tracks then by doing the same thing again after and pretend like you are doing it for both teams.

    Regardless if Mccourty fumbles or not on that return, it was a massive advantage handed to the Pats by someone fixing the clock.

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    Jets fans are still whining about the clock? The operators never run it until the player is out of the endzone anyways. Watch any Patriots game where McCourty takes the kickoff and kneels. The clock always stays at 15:00 even when McCourty hesitates for a second deciding whether or not to run it out.

    And besides, did the Patriots not get the ball back and drive down the length of the field anyways? You really think one stoppage would have made the difference?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Caster View Post
    while that may all be true Tom Faggy still chooses to live in New York.
    Don't make me defend a Pats fan. You sound like an angry 9 year old on the school yard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4thand1 View Post
    Wow. Rob just took a dump right in Jetster's kitchen, and stuck Jetster's face in it. What a verbal beatdown.
    Wow, Rob just signed up with another account and is complimenting his own posts.


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