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Thread: Throwbacks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by C Mart View Post
    I'd rather they wear the unis of the SB champion Jets. But why celebrate that little accomplishment. Our owner is a moron.
    Cynicism and negativity are not your strong points.

    Leave that to us, the feeble minded.

    We need you to lead us with stats and facts and tweets.

    Captain my Captain.

    CMART for MOD!!!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving CMART!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 124 View Post
    Count me in as someone who didn't mind the Titans uniforms, but I think they've run their course with the organization. I doubt we see them again.

    And yeah, I'm jealous of you for owning one of those 90's jerseys with the black trim. All the ones I had from those days no longer fit me as I was just a youngster.
    The Boomer one Im wearing in my pic I bought on I believe.....they sell autographed ones but I emailed and asked for a non autograph jersey and they helped me out. Goes to a good cause too.

    Edit: the woman I talked to gave me the jersey for $100 I believe since the autographed Jerseys were $200-300 I believe.

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    it would be bad ass if the jets came out in camo tonight. show the patriots we mean war.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traitor Jay & the Woodies View Post
    Now that the pickle pants are finally gone, the Jets wear sweet throwbacks every single week!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nike View Post
    it would be bad ass if the jets came out in camo tonight. show the patriots we mean war.

    That would be pretty bad ass


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