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Thread: OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: Jets Vs. Patriots Week 12

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    Sanchez Kneecapping His Own Guys As Usual

    Mo Wilk and the secondary shows up to play today and Sanchez proves once again that he's the biggest advantage the opposition has, throwing yet another devastating Red Zone pick, forcing Sparano to revert solely to a run-game, and teeing up this debacle.

    And he starts the second half. To re-use a quote from Clerks, what's Sanchez's encore? Does he @nally rape our mothers while pouring sugar in our gas tanks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectre View Post
    Wilfork used his butt to tackle Mark and cause the fumble.

    LMAO that is awesome.. Gif of the year. sanchez ran right at his ass and then he puts his head into the ground like wtf

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    Hey, if you want to let this team ruin your Thanksgiving, then be my guest.

    Me? I'm just enjoying this hilarious comedy routine and hoping that Woody has the balls to clean house so I don't have to witness the same song and dance next season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JaxSuzy View Post
    It's not all on Sanchez. I feel sorry for him right now.
    Yeah just missing Hill open behind coverage at 0-0 then throwing the int.

    Don't forget sliding into Moore's ass then fumbling for a pats td. You know that one will end up on a timeless blooper reel. I mean really he slid right into Moore's ass and fumbled. Must have been his amazing pocket presence. Only thing missing was some Benny Hill music.

    Yes, a lot is going wrong and not all of it is Mark.... So that must mean Mark gets a pass since he is not alone in sucking ass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neevsmazda07 View Post
    Honestly i think the jaguars play with more heart than the jets right now...
    Good point. I never thought that could happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzzsaw View Post
    Anyone else's phone blowing up? Many lol's and a few 's
    my facebook is

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunnie View Post
    I'm just letting this game speak for itself ... Sackchez is the worst QB in the history of the game.

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    I turned this game off at 28-0, and just clicked back. Did I see them just punt on 4th & 1 dowm 35-3?

    Really Rex?? Punting down 32?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irish Pride View Post
    My daughter said the same thing. "At least they don't have a zero Daddy."

    They are the only thing keeping me sane, right now.
    lol yup!

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    Would not be surprised if Rex steps up to the microphone at the postgame PC and just quits. Just hand it over to Sparano and let it crash and burn now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sg3 View Post
    I was wrong
    Guido was right
    We suck


    Who will be the Jets HC and GM next season?

    Who can they get in FA and the draft to replace the SLOW brothers on Defense...

    Snails Thomas
    Molasses Scott
    Tortoise Harris
    Lack of Pace
    Paint Drying Smith

    I watched until I saw three of these turds hopelessly outrun on a short out pattern to a not that speedy running back who went 65 yards for the second TD.

    I assume it only got more pathetic after that


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    All due respect...GFY. You insulted me and many others with your homerism. Of course you were wrong..children usually are.

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    Hilarious, Pats up 32 and Brady throwing 20 yd passes and Sanchez throwing 5 yarders. Brilliant!

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    I firmly believe Bellichek wants to hang the loss on the Jets that gets Rex and Tannembaum fired. Not because he fears them obviously, strictly an ego thing.
    Last edited by HawkeyeJet; 11-22-2012 at 10:25 PM.

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    At least we took Edelman out. That'll be a nice fine for Landry

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    Quote Originally Posted by neevsmazda07 View Post
    Honestly i think the jaguars play with more heart than the jets right now...
    Not surprising, given that every character guy that was on this team was either traded or cut and replaced by players with manifest problems in that area.

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    Take that PATSIES!!!!

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    Holy ****! Landry paid Kerley back! Great ****in hit.

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    Only thing we can root for now is to knock a few guys out.

    I hate Edelman.



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