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Thread: To be blown out

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    To be blown out

    So completely.

    So lusciously.

    So horrifically.

    So awesomely.

    Should seal the fate of Tannenbaum, Ryan, Sparano, Westhoff, and even, at this point, Pettine.

    If this team management returns, it's downright disrespectful to the fans who pay the bills.

    While we may be glued to Sanchez next season and while there may be extenuating circumstances regarding an owner's obsession with a back up QB, there's no way that you should suffer as many completely non-competitive losses as this team has the past two seasons and be allowed to continue forward for any longer than this regime has.

    As I said, despite being glued to Sanchez next year, that does not change the fact that massive changes need made.

    This coaching staff, even the normally best special teams coach in the league, Mike Westoff, has completely lost any ability to have any effect on the team's performance.
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    Westhoff? Im sorry but, no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SBIII View Post
    Westhoff? Im sorry but, no.
    he's retiring anyway...but yes westhoff...his unit has been horrid this year.

    this team needs a total clean house from coaching to FO to parts of the roster.

    if they do not do this, i for one will be absolutely furious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SBIII View Post
    Westhoff? Im sorry but, no.
    Westhoff has already retired even though he still is on the sidelines


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