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Thread: The defense is growing right before our eyes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mohegangreen View Post
    Wow, a positive post from must be Thanksgiving or something...
    I have my moments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by w0mbat View Post
    But with the exception of these things they're pretty good though.

    Harris has been terrible this year and is just as much to blame as the other dinosaurs playing LB.

    Harris is living off his reputation with Jet fans. He was mediocre last year and has been even worse this year. He was never good in coverage so thats nothing new, but now he's slow getting to the hole and has a ton of missed tackles.
    Harris is 28, was drafted in 2007. Umm, not a dinosaur.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjsaus View Post
    Harris is 28, was drafted in 2007. Umm, not a dinosaur.
    He runs kinda like a T Rex...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainejet View Post
    I can agree with that except that it doesn't matter where you get a pass rush from so long as you get one. OLB, ILB, DE, DT, NT what's the difference so long as you are abe to provide consistent pressure on the QB?

    Moreover, the Jets are stasrting to look much more like a 4-3 defense. In that defense, typically the pass rush comes from the DL. Once again, nothing written in stone which says you MUST get pressure from one particular position, but just relying on historical norms.
    The problem is that you do not get a good immediate pass rush from 3-4 DE's. They are simply in a position that leans towards penetration and get pressure if you can. the other problem in my mind is that you just can't turn on and off a 3-4 vs 4-3 mentality for players. Coples, this down you are a 3-4 end, control your gap responsibilities. This down you are to go after the Qb in a 4-3!

    A hybrid lets the coaches get more creative but I think it actually hurts players at times. We are playing more and more 4-3 and our two sack leaders are old, slow olbs. Essentially we have no one to fear on this defense. No one to really game plan around and if you don't they will kill you like a JPP, Wake, Von Miller, the dude from san fran.

    This team needs a pass rusher, regardless of what scheme. Coples could be the guy but they have to go to a 4-3 by far the majority of time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badaxe View Post
    I hear you in that the offense looks anemic, but...

    Jets D is 30th against the run. That is an problem...or an opportunity depending upon glass half full or glass half empty outlook.
    I don't care about that, it's about points. For the most part this D keeps the team in games at least long enough for a capable O to overcome I'm not saying they are perfect, far from perfect. There have been games were the D is the only phase to show up and we are not getting blown out, unreal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainejet View Post
    Why were you looking at another guy?
    I think he might have been looking at your deer.

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    Wake me up when we get a pass rusher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDNYjets View Post
    Wake me up when we get a pass rusher.
    But....but...but....Quinton Coples is.....oh nevermind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vin View Post
    I think he might have been looking at your deer.
    The fish, actually.

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    Other than Ben, has any QB had a good game against us this season? Brady maybe? But for him, it was a modest performance. I can't think of another NFL team to have had only 1 strong QB performance against them all year. The mighty Texans alone have given up monster games to Henne and Stafford just in the last 2 weeks. The rush D needs major work. But the pass D remains as good as it gets in this league. And it's a passing league.


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