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Thread: Must see TV after game-SNY

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    Sanchez "we left some plays out there today"

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    Quote Originally Posted by samoljets View Post
    Pill popper and whiney sheiny the know it all heeb
    Are you antisemitic? What is a Heeb? Moron its spelled hebe and its a derogatory way of referring to someone who is Jewish.

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    Kris Jenkins said he wishes Joe Klecko would come back to his chair as he doesnt want to do the show. lol

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    Rex Ryan is gonna start eating again.

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    They keep replaying the Sanchez benny hill fumble.

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    schein killing Sparano for not throwing the ball and instead running dive plays with Wilfork dominating.

    Im convinced that Ray Lucas is on medicinal cannabis on the air.

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    anyone have a link for SNY for out of towners

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    Jenkins KILLING Bart Scott, had him diagramed on that long 86 yard pass play to Vereen.

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    Rex STOP it with the "you got to give them credit" BS

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    Six interceptions in the red zone by mark this year.
    Schein killing Sanchez but Jenkins is defending Mark, Rex to the podium,

    It was a nightmare of. Agame to say the least. You know its a combo of turningover the ball five. Times, blowing coverages ...five turnovers we helped pats and outplayed and outcoahced us our fans deserve better than this, our fans are gonna get the best that we have, i dont know it thats good or bad,,,

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    The pats found a way to score 35 points gibe them vpcredit they are a good team, 35 is ridiculousl

    Again give them credit we made some serious mistakes, if you make mistakes vs pats they make you pay and thats what really happened, we blew some coverages and they won physical battle and better job of coaching and preparing for the game.

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    Mental toughness nothing to do with fumbles.

    Int sanchez red zone...

    What i saw they were playing was backside safety and they hid cover 2 .


    Not thinking about that, we just have to play the best we can, thats all we h ave to do, we have to play the best, lets see how good we can coach, i can promise you we wil keep coaching and playing.
    We shot ourselves in the foot i was encouraged by some things in the offense.

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    Lopsideed losses this year?

    I feell discouraged but i put it to you this way, we are as wounded as we can be but we are not dead, we will give all of our energy to get this thing going, from players to coaches or make changes.

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    Mark slide fumble?
    Mark turned wrong way and went to slide and hit moore.

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    Rex's press conference is embarrassing. Give it up already.

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    Tebow mumbo jumbo about playing with bad ribs.
    More time given on Tebow than the real story come on reporters.

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    "Eh mark threw the ball well 94 qb rating"

    How about the two key turnovers rex?


    It was garbage time. Take away his 1 td trhow and the yards and lets srr hid qb rating. YOU FCKING SUCK REX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    His press conferences are a joke.

    The same answers every week. Just like I/others outlined before.

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    Rex just quoted Marks QB rating.

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    Rex still wont bench Sanchez...unbelievable. Sanchez must have secret feet videos of him.


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