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Thread: Sanchez says he got unlucky on the fumble

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    Quote Originally Posted by brady's a catcher View Post
    I cannot wait until this queef loses his job, and I do not care one bit how that occurs.
    Perfect description of the Jets starting QB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piper View Post
    I think it is funny, but typical, that Moore isn't catching any heat for being stood up and trhown back like a little girl on that play.
    Sanchez should get most of the blame, but no QB expects to have their guard pushed into the backfield almost immediatly.
    Please watch the play instead of listening to some stupid announcer. It was a run play. Moore was attempting to drive block his man. Moore was moving slightly forward. Not much, but slightly forward. At worst he was at a standstill. He was NOT moving backwards.

    Mark ran right into Moore's back. Ran full speed right into his back! Are you kidding? Then he looses his feet, lands on his back, and fumbles the ball. Moore falls over backwards AFTER Marks impact, not before.

    The worst part of the whole sequence, and the biggest insight into Mark's psyche, is after the fumble. Mark lunges at the ball, and after he misses HE CONTINUES TO LAY FACE DOWN ON THE GROUND, DEFEATED. What a loser.


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