The only way an owner like Johnson will do the things necessary to develop a consistent winner is to affect him in his bottom line. As long as we continue to buy Tebow Jerseys and spend money we send a message of tacit approval for the circus show that he created.

Its called tough love and the lemmings that think they are a better fan because they continue to place thousands of dollars in his pocket are lost. We don't have a Mara or Rooney or Kraft running the team. We have an owner who went out of his way to cultivate the circus atmosphere we have today. He saw an opportunity to develop the brand ($$$$$$) and went for it at the expense of building the actual football part. From hard knocks (twice), Tim Tebow, encouraging Rex's side show and on and on; Johnson showed little football acumen but a love for the WWE's marketing style.

I am well prepared to miss going to a few games this year if the message gets delivered that, although we love the team, we are not fools. The Giants' fan base remember with pride when they flew the banner over the stadium with a message that the fan base was not going to tolerate the mess that the franchise was in. Jets fans should have the same pride because we should be embarrassed by the state of this team.