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Thread: A time to band together ....

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    A time to band together ....

    Ok ... Anyone that know me, know that I do not favor Sanchez at all. That being said, I think that we as fans need to not lose sight of the fact that each and every true fan of this team wants them to win.

    Character is built in dark times like these. As a matter of act, there IS NO BETTER time to build leadership. Adversity is a catalyst to building character.

    Does this mean we don't purge Rex, Sanchez and anyone else performing like a turd ? Absolutely not.

    But it is time to respect each posters opinion on fixing this debacle. It is also a time when the players the,selves need to realize this situation as an opportunity to rise and become more of a player than they have been the far.

    Ray Ray I may think your posts are insane ... But I respect where they are coming from.

    Lets hope management does the right thing, recognizes who folds under this weight, who slogs along, and who rises.

    I will always bleed green.

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    I agree, everyone should be banded


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