First Mark Sanchez throws ANOTHER REDZONE INTERCEPTION right off the bat to start the game, then a series of fumbles and craziness causes the Pats to be handed 21 points in a matter of 52 seconds, and from that point on the New York Jets were absolutely shellshocked. It wasn't so much that the Pats earned their point than the Jets simply handed it to them. Mistake after mistake after mistake... Nobody seemed to be able to hold on to the ball including the quarterback. And when the Jets decided to kick a fieldgoal at the end of the first half rather than going for 7 when they were down 35-0, I knew they were completely in disarray and had no shot at even making a respectable attempt to right themselves.

This was one of the worst games I've ever seen the Jets play, and all they proved was that even if they run the table after this nobody wants to see them in the playoffs anyway because they can't win if the get there.