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Thread: One Bright Spot - DBrickashaw Ferguson

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    One Bright Spot - DBrickashaw Ferguson

    The team is falling down all around him. He has a shuttle at LG right next to him. With all that going on he is having a dynamite year. Has he allowed a sack at all this year facing the toughest pass rushers every week?

    It would be a shame if the circus that is the Jets takes away from his outstanding play getting noticed and him making the pro-bowl again.

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    He's play this shows marked improvement to last year.. Pro Bowl type year.. perhaps.. Not considered elite, but he plays an extermely important position well....

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    He has had a very good season. Seems to be the type of leader/player that the Jets have far too few of. Goes out and lets his play do his talking, not running his mouth off and play like a bum on game day.

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    I guess people can't really see any bright spots now. I can't say that I blame them.


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