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Thread: A rebuild scenario

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamers View Post
    This is all useless however without a viable QB. Which yeah we do not have the money to sign one. Even if we draft a QB why bother IMO we will still need one year to groom him. We aren't winning a SB next year so my whole thing is build a team for long term. I could care less if ever spot on the roster was filled with a 500k guy. Without that future QB there isn't much to hope for outside of anther 8-8 season.
    That is why i questioned you on the Spenser, Cribbs and McFadden signings.

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    All this debate is why I think it is important that the Jets DO NOT get into the free agency market this year, except for perhaps a #2 receiver, or a guard. They should try and resign Cumberland, Howard, Bell and Landry (ONLY short term for Bell and at a decent price for Landry), and some of the others I mentioned that I can't think of now

    This team needs two solid drafts and some key FA pickups in 2014 to be competitive again.

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    Offer nothing more than the BARE MINIMUM to as many of our FA's as possible, trade Tebow for a bag of peanuts, and aggressively pursue Alex Smith.


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