We have RED- GREEN-YELLOW for Sanchez
We need WHITE- Surrender flag
We need BLUE- color of sadness for Jets fans

OMG, I tried to remain optimistic but after 44 years that was the 1st time I have turned off a Jet game before halftime.
It was actually comical & a youtube of all those blunders should be synced to the Benny Hill theme song & played over & over again on NFL network for the Jets brass to enjoy.

Its true, we don't have very good players but it all starts with the coaches & the QB
Mark is finished in NY, he's mentally SHOT!
The guy can not get thru a home game without joking on the bit.
He's a chicken & he's actually afraid of the NY Jet fans.
When you play JUST TO THE Eff UP, you will eff UP!
It's like Hunter, Mark doesn't have the will to get past his fears!
I guarantee you that he DREADS playing at home.
He has ZERO leadership qualities.
No one other than Rex has confidence in him & he actually said, "This might be the best team we've had here"