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Thread: One more loss and it's Tebow Time

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    Quote Originally Posted by IHATEDOLPHINS View Post

    Rex won't bench Sanchez
    No, but Moore's ass might.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billygreen View Post
    Now that the Jets have been soundly beaten by the Patriots (proving that they are incapable of beating a playoff caliber team) they cannot afford to lose one more game the rest of the season, if they do they're out of contention for the playoffs.

    If the Jets lose one more game they should finally bench Sanchez and start Tim Tebow. This would allow the Jets to see what they have in Tebow and improve his trade value at the same time. If by some chance Tebow does exceptionally well then the Jets can either keep him or trade him in the offseason. The way things stand now it would be hard to trade Tebow because no one has seen him play this year. By starting him after the next loss the team has nothing to lose as far as the playoffs are concerned but everything to gain in trade value and QB depth determination.

    So one more loss and start Tebow, plus give McElroy some 4th quarter snaps to get him some experience and check him out too.
    you really need to see tebow play to learn he cant play QB....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ch107 View Post
    you really need to see tebow play to learn he cant play QB....
    Perhaps it might be wise to wait until you see Tebow play with the 1st team, as opposed to basing opinions off of what he did with the 2nd and 3rd guys in the preseason ?>

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    If we lose one more, lets see what Big Mac has. Unlike Tim, Greg has actually never gotten a chance before.

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    MARK SANCHEZ -- Ignore the stats. He put up some good numbers in garbage time. Sanchez continues to fold when it matters most. His interception early ended a scoring chance for the Jets and sparked the Patriots, who feed off turnovers. And then the fumble. Oh the fumble. Now in addition to all the mean things you call Sanchez, you can add butthead.

    He He! I'm the quarterback for the Jets Huh Huh


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