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No he wasn't. Tanny became GM when Mangini was named HC. Bradway went back to scouting/player personnel
Yes he was. Bradway hired Mangini a month before Tannenbaum became GM.


A month after Herman Edwards left for Kansas City, general manager Terry Bradway stepped down as general manager Tuesday. Assistant GM Mike Tannenbaum takes over for Bradway, who will stay with the team as a consultant.
Bradway took a heap of criticism when he allowed Edwards to go to Kansas City in exchange for the low price of a fourth-round pick. During the search for a new coach, Tannenbaum was instrumental in landing Eric Mangini, largely because of their close friendship.

But Tannenbaum bristled when asked whether it was his call to hire Mangini.

"I can't sit here and rewrite history or what could of or should have happened," he said. "The hiring process in 2006 was very similar to what it was in 2001, where Woody, Terry and myself were a part of it. It was Terry's final say. The processes were very similar."