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Thread: next game is the start of the 2013 preseason

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    next game is the start of the 2013 preseason

    This season is finished. The next game the Jets play starts the preseason for 2013.

    As such you sit all the vets and start all the rookies. Get significant game time experience for Coples, Harrison, Davis, Hill, Sapp, Allen, Bush, etc. Those guys should play 90 % of the snaps.

    Any veteran player the team doesn't see a future with should get few if any minutes: Bart Scott, Thomas, Eric Smith, Pace etc.

    Sanchez should be inactive the rest of the season. McElroy and Tebow split the snaps at QB.

    If that strategy results in many or even all of the remaining games being lost, then so be it. But it's more important for the Jets organization to evaluate all of the young players on the roster to see if they've got any talent.

    Winning several meaningless games this season does not help the Jets long term. Evaluating all of the young players and potentially getting a higher draft pick does.

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    Never happen. Until the math says we're out, Rex will stick with the formula (ineffective or not).


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