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Thread: Muhammad Wilkerson deserves the Pro Bowl (if there is one)

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmetto defender View Post
    An average JAG. Take a look at the rosters of the 14 AFC teams. He's not even close.
    Cromartie is the only Def Pro Bowl potential.
    Absurd comment. Someone like Pouha is a JAG. Wilkerson is above average

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    Quote Originally Posted by SBIII View Post
    You dont agree? He's having a great season. He's one of the top players at his position. We really made the right pick with him.
    I'll admit he's been playing great football recently. He's really starting to get after the QB. That, coupled with his good run defending has made him an above average all around player.

    The problem is, he only really started to pick up the pace recently. He was just having a good season as a one dimensional player (run defender) up until recently.

    If he can continue to improve his play, then I could see him making the pro bowl next season, but the fact is he hasn't earned it this season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelioion View Post
    Nobody in the league gets consistent pressure. Doesn't work that way. Need to make a few big plays a week and try and get double teams to help your team.

    Wilk has been getting doubled a lot more lately.
    Cameron Wake and JJ Watt pretty much do, but they are the standard right now in pass-rushing defensive linemen. Wilkerson is going to be great though. He's already one of the top run-stuffing DEs in the league and he keeps getting better and better at rushing the passer.

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    That's a bit of an exaggeration, but his play and Coples' play today gives credibility to the last two drafts.

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    Defensive Ends: J.J. Watt (HST), Cameron Wake (MIA) and Muhammad Wilkerson (NYJ)

    These guys look nailed on for me. Our top-ranked 4-3 defensive end and our two top-ranked 3-4 defensive ends. Chandler Jones at one point was a guy I thought could be in contention, but injury and inconsistent performance derailed that. Instead, the dominant pass rusher Wake and run defender Wilkerson are joined by the total package that is J.J. Watt. Easy.


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