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Thread: If Sanchez does not improve at all by the end of the year Just End The Sanchise

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    Quote Originally Posted by jifan View Post
    I recognize the sarcasm but the problem remains the Jets have MANY needs and no clear candidate as a replacement.....I fully expect a record of about 7 wins which seems to preclude the draft as a source of a "franchise" type QB...
    This isn't true.

    Looking at the top 5 QB's in the league. (Peyton, Ben, Brady, Brees and Rodgers) only 1 was a top 10 pick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JETSALLDAY24 View Post
    I posted earlier that I feel he deserves one more year after thinking about more he doesn't. 4 years and in 2010 he had championship talent around he is pampered too much it's time to be real 4 years 79 touchdowns I included rushing to make it look better.100 turnovers including fumbles. That is not acceptable its beyond. The talent around him has nothing to do with throwing that many ints or holding the ballI think its time to end the Sanchise.
    WTF would you wait for the end of the season? I've been calling for his head after the 3rd game this season. He clearly doen't get it and he is clearly killing the team. If he remains the starter he has the chance to do some real damage to the offensive personnel overall.

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    End it now, and put me in!

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    he is owed 13 mill next year so unfortunately he will be the QB next year..

    but we have to improve the talent around him.. by now i think we all realize Sanchez will never be the guy thats carries the team or will make guys better. he is a Game Manager who when asked to do to much turns into crap. so yes take the 49ers/Alex smith route and improve around him.

    ground and pound is dead..

    needs some WR's who are not afraid to make the tough catches. IE: Cotch and Braylon in 2009.

    need a RB that doesn't need the biggest holes and perfect blocking to make things happen and can be threat in the pass game.

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    The jets need a offensive line, It all starts there.

    Unless your Clavin Johnson or Randy Moss a WR is not going to make the qb better.

    Unless your Adrian Peterson or Barry Sanders an oline is needed for the run game to be effective

    no matter how quick your release is or a heightened pocket presence you have your effectiveness is curtailed.

    The oline effectiveness affects every facet of the offense. This is the foundation that must be addressed this offseason. Moore is losing his effectiveness more every year, Slauson may move on. Howard may develop into something serviceable but never an asset.

    Fix the oline so that either Sanchez will feel comfortable, holes will be there more times than not at 3 and short. If Sanchez does not progress then the oline is in place for a rookie so that he does not turn into a Couch/Carr deer in the headlights persona.

    I feel however that the team will throw the fans a bone with another DE/Wr
    draft. lipstick on a pig


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