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Thread: Rex Draft Input

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flaming Mo View Post
    He also sacked Tom Brady in NE but the sack was somehow given to David Harris. Whenever he was out there for extended periods he made plays and was visible. Even commentators at times were wondering why he doesn't see the field more.

    It might again be a case of not taking the good with the bad and too much loyalty to older guys who have not played well at all so far this year (DeVito, Pace, BT)...

    The good thing is that DeVito is a FA after the year. Coples will get a major uptick in snaps next year like Wilkerson has this year. Don't get me wrong, I've always liked DeVito, but the time is now for Coples.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sameoldjets View Post
    who ever said tannenbaum is a talent evaluator? he's a general manager who has delegated the evaluation process to his scouting department and rex. tanny does the contracts and makes sure there's cap space. bradway is the main evaluator and up to last season they had clinkscales. prior to that dick haley did the scouting.

    what people have said is that the jets need to have a football guy manage the football aspects of the team and then keep tanny as the contracts guy. the jets need someone who can build the team and determine the right players to draft and keep and launch to keep the team moving. the guy needs to craft the overall strategy of the team. will it be pass first? will it be ground and pound? will it devote its talent to a killer defense? this is where they've fallen down by not necessarily drafting the right people or position by round. this in spite of getting guys like revis and even sanchez. but they also cost because it required the jets trade up.

    imo, woody needs to bring in a group of former, successful, gm's to evaluate the jets team from top to bottom so he can better assess who to keep and who to launch. who knows, maybe he'll find the guy he really needs to run things.
    The title alone should say it all, "General Manager". Everything rolls up to the GM. It's his job to evaluate those giving him the information.

    Tanny doesn't do the contracts. Ari Nissim is the cap/contracts guy since Tanny became GM. But of course it all rolls up under the GM

    Like I mentioned earlier with Clinkscales leaving Bradway is now in charge of the draft process.

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    I hear Rex told Tanny to scout CBs and 3-4 DEs for potential first round pick in 2013


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