For now forget about 2013 and rebuilding ...You are the coach, you have five games to save your job ... what would you do ?

What say ye ?

Me ? I could take the advise " Keep doing what you're doing, believe in your system" ... no I realize that I may get canned anyway so I am not going to coach scared. I have got to take some risks.

It's apparent to all of us that this teams problems go way beyond quarterback. However the personnel shortcomings on the field that surround Mark Sanchez appears to have mentally taken a toll on the Jets starting QB.

Right now, Mark Sanchez is a liability, he is too mistake prone ... he needs to sit for at least a game - I don't care whether it's McElroy or Tebow that you put in there but Sanchez needs time on the bench so he can take a step back and come back pissed off and refocused.

Could we loose our quarterback completely ? Maybe ... but it may be a risk that has to be taken.