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Thread: MNF GT: Panthers @ Eagles

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    Keith Richard looks like Golem!

    I also haven't heard that song "One Hit to the Body" since MTV stopped playing videos. Not such a bad song.

    Other than that ... the chances Reid would coach the Jets? I like the way he found Bryce Brown.

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    Scam Newton flying high for (one of) my Fantasy Team(s).

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    The Bryce Is Right doin' work for my BF's Fantasy Team.


    EDIT: And then he proceeds to fumble on the next possession.
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    Quote Originally Posted by McGinley View Post
    The Bryce Is Right doin' work for my BF's Fantasy Team.

    aww ilu2 bbz

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    Philly D with 3 encroachments in a row. LOLz

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    Bah. Gawd.

    Scam Newton putting my Fantasy Team on his BACK!

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    lol Iggles. That's just sad.

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    Good lord the Feebles are bad. I think we could take em.

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    Eagles are trying to recreate our turnover magical moments. I may actually lose in fantasy, other guy has Newton, I had a 57 point lead, but he's getting close and another redzone opportunity

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    Feel bad for Reid. Dude's about to get banned from the Eagles forum.


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