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Thread: Titans Dismiss OC

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    Quote Originally Posted by eaglenj View Post
    Great post, and you can take it a step further....

    I really thought we were going to wind up with hue jackson last year. He was a baltimore guy who learned under harbough, had OC experience etc.

    But even more importantly, you know who has absolutely no NFL rolodex....Woody Johnson. If he were to can rex and tanny, where in the world would he begin a search for an entire coaching staff and scouting department? It is extremely hard to find someone who knows the league well enough to put together a front office and staff, especially if they have no "organizational identity". Gonna be a daunting task for an owner that has never run a real business in his life
    One guy in the FO that doesn't get too much press (but is likely Tanny's right hand man), is Scott Cohen. He's been with the team for 4-5 years as Ass't GM and came from the Iggles. While they're in dissarray now, the Iggles have always had a well run FO. If the Jets wanted to keep it in house, they could always go in that direction.

    Of course, I can't remember the last time they went outside the organization to fill the GM spot. Bradway came from KC, right? Otherwise, we'd have to go back to Parcells I think.

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    The Jets need a fresh outlook. Tanny is the last thats left of the old parcells regime. Can him and anyone he has hired and lets start fresh. We need a new set of eyeballs on this thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe W. Namath View Post
    If rex stays, sparano stays. You dont can an oc, hire a new oc and then can him after 16 games and bring in another guy. Just doesnt happen. The only way sparano is not here next year is if rex is gone.
    I don't see a problem .


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