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Thread: Jets' Brandon Moore not a fan of NBC's Cris Collinsworth

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    "Take away the fact that Sanchez ran into Moore's ass. And take away the fact that Sanchez then fumbled away the ball. Then it was a great drive by Sanchez and as good as any by Brady that day. The statz PROVE it"


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    Quote Originally Posted by PatsFanTX View Post
    99 out of 100 QB's who run into an OLineman's ass will still hold on to the football.
    But nobody can run that hard into an ass while looking at the ground and getting whip last to boot.... Funniest play ever.....

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    That play has moved beyond the football world and it's now part of the pop culture. It will make some NFL top 10 list some day in the near future.

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    Funniest football folly that I have ever seen, and will be a classic fifty years from now.

    Mark Sanchez has achieved immortality....

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    Quote Originally Posted by 32green View Post
    Well...we'll have to see it happen 99 more times to know for sure, right?

    Brady runs into ass all the time, its just that there's no cameras in the locker room

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batmans A Scientist View Post
    I think I remember that from one of the original Quarterback Challenge.
    I think this should be added to the Combine as a QB drill.

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    greene runs into our lineman's asses all the time, maybe he should give sanchez some tips


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