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Thread: Philadelphia Eagles announced they have released DE Jason Babin.

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    Babin can go where he wants, waivers rights do not apply to 4 year vets.

    If he chooses to go to the team that picks him on waivers is up to him, he does not have to. However the remainder of his contract is then voided.

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    Guaranteed the Pats will pick him up then we all will have wished that Mr T had a brain and picked him up. He would be better in the Jets defense and he would make the Jet defense better. He would solve our pass rushing woes for the next few seasons and then The team could concentrate on offense in the draft. Watch the Pats grab him up .

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    Quote Originally Posted by barkus View Post
    no doubt, this is the same man who was run down from behind by mathew friggin' mulligan
    That play was funnier than Sanchez eating Moore's butt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatsFanTX View Post
    That play was funnier than Sanchez eating Moore's butt.

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    I'm going to go against the crowd here and say pick him up if you're a playoff team.

    1.6 mil for depth if you're a contender is a lot better than saving that money and having your starting DE go down without a viable backup. If he's the 4th best DE on the team, I think he's worth it. If you're not a playoff team, dumb money though.

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    The interesting thing is that the Eagles release a player who is among the best players at what he does, but we won't even give another QB a CHANCE to play in a game to replace a player that is about the worst at what he does. Just saying.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by JETS2417 View Post

    Babin is a one trick pony and can only rush the passer from a package that the NFL has finally figured out. 18 sacks to 5.5 proves how far he fell.
    +1,000,000 Dude



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