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Thread: If the Patriots beat the Dolphins Sunday, they win the division.

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    If the Patriots beat the Dolphins Sunday, they win the division.

    Winning against the Dolphins would give them 9 wins. The best anyone else in the division could do is finish 9-7.

    With a 5-0 Division record after a win against the Dolphins, the tie breaker would go to the Patriots.

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    As if they weren't going to win it anyway.

    NE will ALWAYS win the division as long as Brady is behind center.

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    Patriots winning the division? What else is new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MGF0723 View Post
    Patriots winning the division? What else is new.
    Not much. But it would be nice to keep hope alive for one more week.

    With Miami beating the Pats this Sunday the AFC East Division title stays up for grabs. The Patriots next face Houston followed by SF. A tough row to hoe.

    So maybe, just maybe, things could be slightly more interesting than usual.

    Don't worry, I'm not on a Green Kool-Aid bender, I'd just rather see anyone but the Pats walk away with the division title yet again. It's unlikely given their spotless second half of the season track record (they haven't lost a game in the second half of the season for a few years), but a NFL fan can dream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10PennyToColes87 View Post
    Are you employed by
    No. I'm not a big fan of much of their reporting or their site design.

    But they are the source for stats, standings and schedules.

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    Why is anything about the Pasts even being posted!? It'll just invite the trolls to continue mocking Jets Insider posters. I'm sure TX will be here soon with some sort of snide remark.

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    And in other news. Its Friday.

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    Somebody alert the presses

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    Don't clutter the main board with something this un-noteworthy and obvious. Geez.


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