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Thread: As A Loyal Fan!

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    Come On Bart(k) Scott!

    Every fan that attends a game. or watches it on television, has a right to act any which way the desire(under state law)... Now with that being said some of us look foolish "saying" And "doing" some things but the bottom line, we pay to watch the game... Without "US" there is no "Them". NO million dollar Contracts. NO Nothing...

    As a paying Fan you have a right to be heard. you have just as much right as Woody himself. Again without "US" there is no "Them".

    We pay an absurd amount for PSL's and that's on top of the ticket price's.. Paying upwards of $20,000 just to enjoy a football game your damn right i'm going to let my feelings be heard.

    Now i understand if it isn't the "players" faults they don't lease themselves nor play themselves......

    But this isn't directed to the players quite honestly.. It's directed at the ownership for letting the players that suck actually play. (ALA SANCHEZ.)

    So for all of you that are on Bart Scotts side. remember this... Who was with the JETS first. you or them?. If i remember correctly I've been apart of the franchise wayyyyy Before 2009.

    Now the team Stinks... it is what it is.. Bart saying anything about or to "Partial Owners" (yeah i went there) on how they are acting is foolish.. I'm sorry but i for one don't like seeing blowout loses, terrible linebacker play, and a terrible running game, A terrible GM, Terrible caoching... etc.

    Bart is making how much this year? yeah.. just take the money you don't deserve anymore and just "try" and play the game and be a good teammate.. . lets try that.

    as you can tell i don't mind hearing about fans telling off players it's not directed solely at them. i understand what they "WILLINGLY" put on the line. It's a part of the game. if you suck your going to hear about it.. If your good your also going to hear about it. come on...

    Example.. Bart misses an open tackle(Barts fault) the jets fans see it.. they don't know why he's on the field in the first place he's slow and old(Coaches fault) The fans Boo the play (Booing EVERYONE!)

    So Bart my main man with the loud mouth... Whats the deal? We pay for you too play? we can't be mad at a 4-7 record?
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