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Thread: OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: Jets Vs. Cardinals Week 13

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    OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: Jets Vs. Cardinals Week 13

    The Arizona Cardinals and New York Jets are in the middle of the worst season any fan could have expected them to have. The Jets were supposed to be playoff contenders. The Cardinals did not have such high hopes, but that could be because their coach doesn’t have the biggest mouth in the world. As a fan, you have to come to terms with the fact that your team is bad. Well, Jets and Cardinals fans, your teams are bad. There is no amount of cheering that can change that.

    The Jets need to come into this game looking for some balance. Their run game needs to get going to control the clock. The Cardinals need to come into the game looking to unleash QB Ryan Lindley. I for one am tired of this terrible play calling. Just call the plays like Peyton Manning is the quarterback and see what happens.

    Quarterback controversy has been the headline for both of these teams for most of the season. Jets QB Mark Sanchez is the man in New York, at least on the Jets, his play will determine the outcome of this game. So, lets take a look at the probable starting lineups and highlight three key players from each team.

    Cardinals’ Offense
    Quarterback: Ryan Lindley
    Running back: Beanie Wells (questionable)
    Fullback: Anthony Sherman
    Wide receiver: Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Roberts (questionable)
    Tight end: Jeff King
    Offensive line (from the left): Nate Potter, Daryn Colledge, Rich Ohrnberger, Adam Snyder, Bobby Massie

    Jets’ Offense
    Quarterback: Mark Sanchez
    Running back: Shonn Greene
    Fullback: Lex Hilliard
    Wide receiver: Stephen Hill, Jeremey Kerley (probable)
    Tight end: Konrad Reuland
    Offensive line (from the left): D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Matt Slauson, Nick Mangold, Brandon Moore, Austin Howard

    Cardinals’ Defense (Base 3-4)
    Defensive line: DE Calais Campbell (questionable), DT Dan Williams, DE Darnell Dockett
    Linebackers: OLB Quentin Groves, ILB Daryl Washington, ILB Paris Lenon, OLB Sam Acho
    Secondary: CB Patrick Peterson, CB William Gay, SS Adrian Wilson, FS Kerry Rhodes

    Jets’ Defense (Base 3-4)
    Defensive Line: DE Muhammad Wilkerson, DT Sione Pouha, DE Mike DeVito
    Linebackers: OLB Bryan Thomas, ILB Bart Scott, ILB David Harris, OLB Calvin Pace
    Secondary: CB Kyle Wilson, CB Antonio Cromartie, SS Yeremiah Bell, LaRon Landry

    Arizona Key Players
    The first key player for the Cardinals is obvious, QB Ryan Lindley. He needs to take care of the football this week. His four interceptions last week cost his team the game. He threw for over 300 yards and is the obvious choice at quarterback when Kevin Kolb can’t go. Lindley needs to go out, have fun, and just let things fly.

    Bobby Massie has improved steadily since he was the worst tackle in the league. He is getting better every game and may find himself in a position to compete for the starting job next year. In this game, the Cardinals are going to need to pass the ball a lot, so his protection will be key. If he plays like he did last week, there shouldn’t be a problem. Nate Potter will also be key, but since I have been so harsh on Massie all season, I thought he deserved some praise.

    Finally, lets move to the defensive side of the ball. Since the Jets are probably going to want to run the ball, Daryl Washington, and Paris Lenon are going to be key contributors. While Dan Williams plugs up the middle the two inside linebackers are going to have to fly around to the football and make plays forcing Sanchez to throw the ball. Once that happens, Patrick Peterson should turn his play making ability on and take the ball away.

    New York Key Players
    The first key player is on the defensive side of the ball. Antonio Cromartie is going to need a big game. Last week, Janoris Jenkins had two defensive touchdowns against the Cardinals. Cromartie knows it can happen, he just needs to get the job done.

    Next, sticking with defense, Bart Scott needs to come into this game with a mindset that he needs to win it on his own. He shouldn’t worry about what his teammates are doing. He just needs to fly around and make every single play. Especially when Arizona runs the football.

    Finally, on offense, the run game is not great in New York, but it can get going with the right amount of balance. Shonn Greene is averaging less than four yards per carry. That is not what a coach wants to see from a man who has averaged over that mark his entire career.

    The Cardinals and Jets are both hurting for a win. It’s too late to salvage their seasons and make the playoffs, but they can go into the offseason with a little pride. If these teams don’t show some effort in the remaining five games, both coaches will be standing in the unemployment line.

    Prediction: The Cardinals lose their eighth straight game. Cardinals 17, Jets 27


    Official New York Jets theme song for Week 13

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    Making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of 1,128 lbs., accompanied by WWE Champion Barack Obama, EVOLUTION!

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    I thought Klob was back?

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    Order of sports preference tomorrow:

    1) Knicks-Suns (noon) - if close in 2nd half, have to give drop-ins, should be a laugher though

    2) Jets-Cards - there is something to be said for defenses that try and special teams making the difference... Sanchez-Lindley is brutal, but once upon a time, Sanchez-Delhomme was brutal too at 4-6 in 2009

    3) Redzone - there really is no marquee game. Sure, seeing if Rodgers and Pack bounce back is interesting, Pats will roll Phins, Kaepernick is a story, but against the Rams? not sure. Spero Dides got sent to do Jags-Bills, not sure a further comment is needed.

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    I agree with your score pick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WestCoastOffensive View Post
    I agree with your score pick.
    Not mine, lol. It's rantsports'.

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    Can't root for a Jets loss during a game, after 30+ years it's just not in my DNA. But other than those 3 hours a week, I am now rooting for no serious Jets injuries and a painful slide to 4-12, bringing change we can believe in.

    But this is a game even these Jets win big, 27-10.

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    I hope McElroy gets some time!

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    LEt it go, LET IT GO: The cold never bothered me anyway

    BET JET!

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    I wish today was the last game of the season! I can't take it anymore. I am so fraustrated.

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    Zona has a nice defense. Sanchez better not be out played by Ryan freakin Lindley.

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    I dont care what anybody says, I want a blowout Jets win!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FMJets View Post
    I dont care what anybody says, I want a blowout Jets win!!
    I want a blow out by the Jets as well.

    Go J E T S

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    Arizona's defense is legit, lots of great athletes and playmakers all over the field (Washington, Campbell, Dockett, Peterson, Wilson, Schofield etc.). This is usually the kind of team Sanchez struggles against, we'll see...

    Hope our defense can finally play a complete game against a rookie QB...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sec.101row23 View Post
    New York Jets ‏@nyjets
    #RL NYJ inactives: QB Tim Tebow, WR Clyde Gates, CB Aaron Berry, LB Ricky Sapp, DL Damon Harrison, G Caleb Schlauderaff, TE Hayden Smith.
    Clyde Gates, is he hurt? Does this mean Schilens is ok?

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    Kyle Wilson is awesome.

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    cant stand it when wilson celebrates and now he holds he sucks

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    Wow, Cardinals are terrible. If Jets can't beat this team, wrap it up.

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    That montage of Sanchez is the best he's looked all season.


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