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Thread: hope you enjoyed mcelroys peak

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    Have to be realistic with McElroy. If he is named the starter, he basically starts training camp that day. He has no experience or chemistry with the starting offense.

    The schedule is soft. Hopefully we can run the ball and make things easy on him. But at the same time I hope they give him enough responsibility so we can make a fair evaluation of him. I don't want to see the training wheels on all the time.

    The only thing I take from today is that he was refreshingly accurate and made some smart decisions by throwing the ball away. But he must learn to slide, Sanchez had the same problem.

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    thanks chupa

    we needed somebody to pee on the cornflakes and ruin what ended up a nice day and the beginning of the McEra for the Jets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Ray19 View Post
    McElroy is not the answer.

    He's gritty, he'll be smart, he's tough, and he has the crowd behind him right now because they don't know any better yet.

    It was the right move though, Sanchez is lost.

    But Sanchez, when right, absolutely needs to be the QB of this team to get anywhere, McElroy isn't taking us anywhere, neither is Tebow.

    The problem is now fans will be biased against everything Sanchez does and doesn't do.

    It's a shame that Sanchez' poor play compounded by a blowhard fanbase, will probably never get a full chance to recover with the Jets.

    It's a results oriented league though, and it was definitely the right move to bench him today, but man, the players around him are doing very little.

    Teams will catch up to McElroy quickly.

    It's probably a good thing the team is on the road, Rex can give Sanchez one more chance this season without worrying about the crowd rooting against his own team and player.
    Sanchez has been terrible lately. The butt fumble just made things worse. There are 2 major problems with Sanchez: 1. he didn't learn much his first 2 years and has instead regressed since and 2. he is like what Kerry Rhodes was a Hollywood type.

    We don't know what McElroy can do. What I can say is when I saw him at training camp he had the best arm of the three. They had some drills of hitting targets and he did the best of the three.

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    So many dumb posts in this thread it has to go to the dump.

    Cut out the personal attacks. Last warning. You know who you are

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainejet View Post
    WRONG again. Hill was held on that route and McElroy put the perfect touch on that ball for Hill to run under it. If Hill doesn't get interfered with, that's a completion and a very nicely thrown long ball.

    And it is clearly something that Sanchez was incapable of doing.

    It was one of the worst thrown balls by a Jets QB this year, a lazy fly ball to center field, a complete toss up. But hey, Sanchez didn't throw it, so fans want to so desperately spin it as something better..

    I know how it works around here, it happens with every QB...

    McElroy is the current flavor of the month...

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    say what you want, his pocket presence was great.

    Also his ball handling and footwork are light years better than Sanchez.
    He's much more schooled, fluid handing off the ball too, there's a reason the Jets ran those counters so well and why Cumberland was wide open for the td.
    His fakes, redirections were holding the defense.

    There's no doubt that Sanchez has more raw talent but he's lazy/sloppy/undisciplined (take your pick) in his approach.

    That's why he sucks.

    The kid has a lot Pennington in him, and I think his arm is actually every bit as strong pre-injury.

    If this team had a true game manager (like McElroy) this season, they would be over .500 and in the hunt, I truly believe that.


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