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    Quote Originally Posted by parafly View Post
    McElroy should start for the remainder of the season. Sanchez is done, and the team needs to see if McElroy has any long term potential as starter or backup.
    ... This ...

    ... Sorry to say it, but that's where we are ...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Manchez View Post
    I never said that Sanchez was great, but I supported him because I'm a Jets fan. I do remember how GD ridiculously stupid you are with your lack of football knowledge though.
    Well, you know you could actually be right about my lack of football knowledge. Who knows?

    But one thing is for sure, you ran your mouth endlessly about that POS Sanchez. I said he sucked.

    Now, why don't you tell me who was right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinniekt View Post
    Jets play JAX this week, don't overlook the fact that its Tebow's hometown. If he's healthy next week then Tebow is the starter. Now that Rex made the move the #2 QB gets the elevation to starter not the #3. Its the way it works, #2 starts before #3, plus he deserves his shot and oppurtunity.
    Not a chance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demosthenes9 View Post
    Who gives a flying fark what you are tired of hearing?

    As people noted, McElroy came in as the third string QB, without many snaps this year and with only 3rd team reps in preseason.

    Guess what ? Tebow was in that exact same situation last year. Third team reps in preseason, no reps during the first 5 games of the regular season and then he came off the bench cold and went 8-5 for the season with a playoff victory.

    Oh, but it was the Denver D kept them in games. Funny, we just won a freaking game 7-6.

    Don't take this as bashing McElroy, because I'm not. He came in and did a solid job. But to sit here and try to claim that Tebow isn't an NFL QB is a bunch of ****ing bull****.
    There are many people who earn their living or have earned their living at this game and have not heard anyone of substance say that Tebow is a quality QB. The closest anyone has come to saying Tebow can play is suggesting that a team that uses him at QB has to use a college O as their basic set. I was not bashing McElroy in any way, he is a bright young man without an elite arm (Montana didn't have an elite arm either) but i do join the chorus of those who spend their lives in fottball in saying that he is NOT an NFL QB. Have you watched him throw? Have you seen his release and accuracy? And it is not necessary to use partially censored foul epithets to enhance your arguments. have you looked at his Denver stats-46% completion with more fumbles and interceptions than TDs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainejet View Post
    Well, you know you could actually be right about my lack of football knowledge. Who knows?
    Why are you deliberately leaving yourself wide-open like that?

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    I will celebrate only when Sanchez is off my team. We all know there is no way we will get rid of this curse that easily. Get prepared for Rex to start Sanchez next week. I've already accepted that as fact.


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