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Thread: Playoffs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joiseyjet View Post
    Possible maybe,but doubtful we havent beat a decent team all year & barely get by the awful teams ,if we made the playoffs and had to face a quality team ,we would get crushed.
    We did beat Indy, who while not great are decent (and will probably make the playoffs).

    Sadly that's about it for this season's highlights ... that and Week 1 vs Buffalo where we actually clicked and looked like a proper team for a week.

    St Louis, Miami and Arizona were wins, but not ones that inspire much confidence / celebration. As you say, barely getting by the awful teams.

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    Nobody here is rooting for our team to lose, we are just looking at the remaining sched. without rose color glasses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaoulDuke View Post
    LOL. Timmy has it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlickBri481 View Post
    What's funny is as bad of an organization as we are right now and how terrible our personnel is, occasionally we run into a team like today that is even worse off. Imagine having to watch a game with Ryan Lindley as your QB? Wow
    Sanchez wasn't any better. It my eyes he was worse.

    No points and 3 int's vs. No points and 1 int (I won't give Lindley credit for either FG)


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