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Thread: Keller with potential high ankle sprain

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    I never understood the Keller criticism. If he'd had a better QB throwing him the ball, he'd absolutely have been one of the better receiving TEs in the NFL. If he goes to a team that utilizes him next season, I'd be surprised if he doesn't put up big numbers.

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    Keller hasn't been the same since Ray Lewis blew him

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhyan66 View Post
    A bunch of us in our section always talk about the poor kids who are probably disappointed by the amount of money they were suppose to receive but dont from the donation per catch they post on the big screens.
    How about those whopping $250 donations they make to charity through XBOX 360 for each touchdown they score on the season? With all the touchdowns they've had, they must be up to at least almost $4,000 in donations. It's bad enough you've got a team that's not capable of scoring any touchdowns, but then you brag about making a ****ing $250 donation from a multi billion dollar entity as if that's some kind of big deal, and then the team is so pathetic that they can't even achieve any of those disgustingly cheap $250 donations. What a joke

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDNYjets View Post
    Keller is a below average NFL TE. His receiving numbers are decent b.c he had a QB that force fed him the ball every opportunity he got to. His last big catch was in 2009. He never showed up against a good team. He is what he is.

    Time to see what we have in Cumberland and I hope they draft a TE this year as well.
    Watching Cumberland run is a thing of beauty. It looks like he's regained most of his speed after last year's injury. I doubt there's a LB out there that can keep up with him.

    After missing last year, he needs as much playing time as possible to develop. Cumberland and Hill are freak athletes. But, can the coaching staff develop them?


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