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Thread: Jets Tweets 12/3: "Beginning of the McElroy era" Edition

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    Dennis Waszak Jr. ‏@DWAZ73
    btw, Holmes' event is Strikes For Sickle Cell at Jersey Lanes in Linden, NJ. #Jets teammates will be bowling with fans.

    Holmes on #Jets' QB situation: "If I get involved in that, I'll be the talk of the world."

    Holmes is having another surgery to remove plate in foot in February. Hopes to start running, etc, in April. #Jets

    At Holmes bowling event for sickle cell. Left foot in a walking boot. We'll talk to him for 1st tine since injury in a bit

    Conor Orr ‏@ConorTOrr
    Holmes to have 2nd surgery in Feb. Says if he gets involved w QB controversy he'll be "talk of the whole world"

    Holmes has been speaking with Rex during weekly phone call sessions throughout the process

    Holmes said he spent the time almost completely away from the facility. Friday was his only visit back

    Holmes said he knew he had a significant injury the moment he went down.

    Holmes wouldn't weigh in on QB situation: "if I get involved in that ill be the talk of the whole world"

    So Holmes will be in a walking boot for another 5 weeks. Holmes said rehab can begin in April

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    Andrew Brandt ‏@adbrandt
    Re Sanchez contract, the Jets renegotiated his contract in March and fully guaranteed his 2013 salary of $8.25 million.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NY's stepchild View Post
    The coaches did ruin him. Shotty did it, just like he will Bradford. He was a much better QB after two years than he is now. I thought he might recover with a new OC but it looks like he's got post traumatic stress disorder. It has nothing to do with his weapons. He's completely lost his confidence. Maybe a year on the bench, and a change of scenery will help him, but I kind of doubt it.
    Having Wayne Hunter protecting you and Haloti Ngata and others spearing you in the back, etc., will do that to a guy. Poor Sam Bradford, he's next. Or maybe the Jets can trade QB's with the Rams before Schitty does him in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AbstraKt View Post
    Conor Orr ‏@ConorTOrr
    Can confirm the #jets have signed OLB Jacquies Smith to the p squad #nyj
    Positives: Athletic defender with outstanding size/speed numbers. Fluid moving in all, quick off the edge and fast getting out to the sidelines in pursuit of the action. Displays a good burst, slides down the line nicely and quickly changes direction. Effectively uses his hands to protect himself, displays the ability to immediately alter his angle of attack and plays with good balance. Breaks down well and keeps his knees bent.

    Negatives: Easily turned from his angle of attack by a single blocker. Displays a lot of indecisiveness in his game and is marginally instinctive.

    Analysis: Smith flashed skill the past three years yet never truly elevated his game to become as productive as many thought possible. He offers potential as a conventional defensive end or outside linebacker in a 3-4 alignment and comes with a good degree of upside. Must start to meet expectations to have a career in the NFL.

    Projection: 6th

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinny Testaverde's Niece View Post
    Saw that on the news last night. He looks like he feels really bad, could even be crying. Someone should have asked him: What made you feel worse Mark, throwing three interceptions or being benched?
    Pretty telling photo. Rex didn't sign up for this, but neither did Sanchez. Rex doesn't have any qualifications to make anyone know for certain he'll make the right decision here, but I'll give Rex a ton of credit if he can manage this situation well for the rest of the season. Jim Harbaugh is in a very similar situation, and he's got much less heat on him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe W. Namath View Post
    Forget anything you know about Mike Tannenbaum. This is a fireable offense in itself.
    Excellent post!

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    ProFootbalkTalk @ProFootballTalk
    Source: Cards DE Darnell Dockett spat in S Kerry Rhodes' face during argument over whether to let Jets score late

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    Quote Originally Posted by AbstraKt View Post
    ProFootbalkTalk @ProFootballTalk
    Source: Cards DE Darnell Dockett spat in S Kerry Rhodes' face during argument over whether to let Jets score late

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    So apparently we signed another young OLB project without any NFL success or production in Smith. Funny how we try so many guys (Sapp, Maybin, Smith, McIntyre etc.) out which should point to the FO realizing that we need someone there yet we have ignored the position in the draft or free agency for quite some time.

    Hopefully we finally address the situation in the offseason and add a real NFL player who is an improvement...

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    I know he tweeted this early this morning, but...

    Braylon Edwards @OfficialBraylon
    Don't blame Sanchez. I played there. Blame the idiots calling shots. Mark is a beast and will probe it when given a proper chance


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