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Thread: Francesa KILLING Ryan Right Now

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    Quote Originally Posted by sg3 View Post
    Great book..Maybe best EVER..rereading it again on my nook right now. .

    Did you enjoy reading it too??

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    No. I can't read

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    Quote Originally Posted by petejet View Post
    Why is that when someone disagrees with what is going on with the Jets they are a SOJF? Actually the SOJFs are the ones who sit there and swallow whatever green kool aid the jets are pouring down their throats.

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    I really hope WFAN does the smart thing and lets pompous ass go in 2 yrs instead of resigning him and paying huge money. Let douchenozzle go to Satellite and fail epic like his boy Russo.

    Boningo on in the afternoon PLEASE. No more fat narcissists.


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