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Thread: Sanchez: Where did the train jump off the tracks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cant wait View Post
    one thing that really stood out to me about mcelroy on sunday, is how many he was rolling out and moving the pocket. exactly the kind of plays that sanchez should be doing
    The thing that really stood out to me is that McElroy could hit a wide open receiver in the end zone. It's the kind of play Sanchez is no longer capable of doing consistently.

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    Nothing happened to Sanchez other than the team not being able to carry him anymore.

    He is just one of many first round QB busts. Difference between Sanchez and the rest of them is that one of his best games was a playoff game.

    Poor decision maker, inaccurate thrower, emotionally weak. All things that are independent of coaching. And I have seen Eli, Rodgers, Big Ben and other QBs all take worse beatings than he has and bounce back. He is not David Carr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt39 View Post
    He was never that good but the Jets handled him terribly. He should have never seen the field in 2009.

    Woody was obsessed with having a face for the organization and saw dollar signs with a young handsome latino QB.

    He probably could have been a decent game manager if they went about it correctly, but looking back spending a top 5 pick on a guy who has average at best measurables was absurd. 16 starts in college to top 5 pick. Just insanity. He's built like a kicker for christs sakes.

    Woody is a doofus and we'll never win anything with him unless he changes his ways or sells the team.
    I kick Woody every chance I get, but he gets a pass here. Josh Freeman would have been a much better pick from a PR point. Handsome, Black QB with a nice smile and soft spoken. And they would not have had to trade up to get him. Sanchez was a football decision, can't lay that on woody's feet.

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    Sanchez has regressed but not as much as some guys point to.

    This is a guy that can use a break from the action. And the jets can't afford to give up on him.

    Sit him until the last game of the season. Let him get back to just working on his mechanics till then. I would not have him qb the scout team, but let Tebow do that until the 2nd to last game just so he can get some live reps.

    If he has a good game he has a good memory to build on. Till then this guy should just study his film and work on his mechanics.

    Alert!!!! "Patriot way" coming!!!

    Brady says passing consistency is the result of mechanics, the same steps and movements every time. If Sanchez wants to be the qb of this team next year he needs to earn it on the practice field and in the film room.


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