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Thread: Sanchez not succeeding = 5 yr setback

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYJ37/12 View Post
    I know that most hate the guy as our qb. I get that he has not played well.

    But, if he does not work out, we are screwed for at least five years.

    Franchise qb's dont grow on trees.

    We dont have one on the roster and there is none in free agency next year.

    the draft this year is horrible.

    So where do the jets get their qb if Sanchez fails?

    First round high qb pick busts kill your franchise for years.
    If he does not work out??

    He's been near the bottom of the league among QBs every season in his 4 seasons. How else would you define not working out? There is no "if" anymore, he just stinks. Lucky he was drafted by a good team so he got to enjoy playoff games, had he been taken by the Lions like Stafford was, he never would have sniffed a playoff game.

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    dumping sanchez for mcelroy or someone else will not set the team back because that's not how the jets play. they aren't a great passing team under rex and won't be as long as he's coach. what does set back franchises is trading up to get guys like sanchez and drafting guys like gholston. those tow plays essentially cost the jets 3 players who would have been better. of course if sanchez were a franchise qb then it would have been worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chupa View Post
    I don't see how the most successfull 2 year run in this teams history is a 5 year set back.
    We didn't even get to the SB those two years never mind actually win them. So those years are nothing to get excited about.

    If we have to start over with another QB then yes the team is in for a setback.

    Once the Jets win a couple of SB then we can talk about "a run".


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