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Thread: Will Two Game Manager QB's Go To This Year's Superbowl?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinny Testaverde's Niece View Post
    OK so what does that to the argument that you MUST have an elite QB to even sniff the Superbowl? Will this be a boring SB without elite QB's and will the NFL stand for it? (assuming it happens of course which a lot of informed people seem to think is possible)
    VTN, thats just it. The Texans and Falcons haven't sniffed the SB yet. They are having a good regular season. We will see what happens come playoff time. They haven't won yet, so their success does not debunk that theory of needing an elite QB.

    And once Ryan wins a SB he will become elite. That is how it works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PMarsico9 View Post
    Matt Schaub owns the modern era record for passing yards in a game.

    Anybody who thinks he's a game manager is an idiot.

    Kubiak runs the hell out of the ball because they are 2-3 deep with RB's and have one of the top 5 defenses in the NFL.

    As Schaub has shown this year, last year, and the year prior, he can light it up.

    Ryan is more of a product of his receivers than his own excellence.

    Neither are game managers though. Although Baltimore should make Flacco one. That dude stinks.

    I cringe badly when I see that both Flacco and Fitzpatrick, with the running games those teams have, with more passing attempts than combined running attempts across all backs.

    Buffalo needs to fire its head coach for not gutting games out with the best RB tandem possibly in the NFL and Baltimore is lost like the Jets until they realize what Flacco really is:

    Not elite.
    Hmmm, what college quarterback do you remember having an arsenal of wide receivers (Julio jones) which helped win a national championship. Mack was a game manger -fact


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