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Thread: First incompletion, I am turning the game off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatriotReign View Post
    Funny how da ribz/Jacksonville references flew over the hampur virgins.
    Long time since Kleck's departure.

    One of these days, SOOTH should convene an "Old Home Week".

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    Quote Originally Posted by WaffleShark View Post
    a new bottle of gameday Jameson will be required
    u guys are drinking irish whiskey for Sun afternoon NFL games?? That's aggressive, no?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vin View Post
    I'm still reeling at the decision that Rex made to stick with Sanchez...

    ....MAYBE Woody told him that Mark gives the Jets the best chance for a HIGH DRAFT PICK?

    Me too Vin, in fact, I might not even bother watching the rest of this season. I mean for what? The season is lost, and even if we win out, what is the point? We are just lowering draft position. Oh and I cannot watch dip**** Rainman play QB, or, at least, try to play QB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzzsaw View Post
    For real. Weak sauce to turn off the game. We wait all year for 16 three hour games (hopefully more of course), would never turn one off.
    Well played sir.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3rd_Times_A_Charm View Post
    I've enough of Sanchez to know what's going to happen. He reels you in with a few completions, then throws some picks. We've still got a chance to win, but then he twists the knife with a fumble.

    We've seen it all before.

    McElroy has a high IQ, these things don't happen to him.

    Fire Rex before the game even starts, Woody. He never learns from his mistakes.
    I'm calling your bluff

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainman View Post
    I work Sundays, haven't seen any Jet games since the vs. Miami except Houston and New England
    I'm with you Rainman. I'd rather come to work on Sundays and rack up the overtime than watch a game right now. Of course, I have my boom box radio in my office and always enjoy listening to Bobby Wischusen & Marty Lyons enthusiastically call the game while describing the fumbles, inteceptions, missed tackles and blocked punts.


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