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Thread: One Vote

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    One Vote

    One Vote by the lovable Democrats back in early years of Obama's first term set the stage for the tax problem of today. They wanted to expire in the year 2013. They never said the Rich or the Middle Class they said both. Now
    who caused todays tax showdown. The lovable Donkeys(asses).

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    No problem with it at all. The Bust Tax Cuts should have never happened in the first place. Huge blunder.

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    Only 50.1 % of America don't know or understand why the govt never had bigger receipts before Bushs tax cut.

    Then again they don't know or understand much of anything

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    This kind of **** is what is wrong in Washington right now, it's all about I am going to get my way and **** the American people.
    You will find that most average American are sick and tired of this crap from both sides of the isle. It's time we elect representatives who work for the benifeit of the American people and not there damn parties. I hope when the mid term elections come many of the idiots are sent packing. I would say to get real jobs but we all know none of them have a clue about having to work for a living.


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