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Thread: Per PFT : Rex likely staying and Tanny gets reassigned...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snell41 View Post
    Bill is a great coach. Bill is an awful GM and head of football operations. He should be nowhere near this team.
    This. Parcells is like the retread's retread's retread at this point. Let's make Holmgren assistant GM while we're at it too

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    Quote Originally Posted by eaglenj View Post
    Adding a Director of Football Operations in between tannenbaum and woody, can be spun so that it is not a demotion.

    I really am shocked how many people want tannenbaum gone, but are willing to let rex stay.
    Some have fallen prey to the ol 'aw shucks' Rex persona. A guy you'd like to have a beer with instead of admitting he's a clueless clown and buffoon.

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    The only way this has a chance to work is if Rex now takes total control a la Belichick, and hires a couple of new personnel guys.

    You don't gain organizational respect if you hire a GM as tell him who his coach is.

    None of us really know what differences on players and picks Rex and Tanny had during these last few years. I wouldn't be confident it would work.

    It does reek of Woody cheapness, as he doesn't have to lay out for huge new management and coaching contracts, while Tanny, Bradway and Rex sit on their fat asses and collect for doing nothing.

    However, if the change is real and the report is accurate, it may shed some light as to why Sanchez is the starter on Sunday. If Ryan is now the man, and has privately decided he needs to be in the market for a new QB, that QB & his agent are going to want to know that Coach Ryan is going to have his back. Not waiver in his support at all.

    And therein lies the challenge of being GM and Head Coach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe W. Namath View Post
    I do not think tannenbaum will accept a demotion. When you accept a demotion, your admitting that you couldnt do the job. Tanny's ego will not let him do that as I believe he thinks he is a great gm

    If tannenbaum wants a shot at being a a gm again, he is better off being fired.
    Tanny doesn't have a choice, unless he wants to resign his position. He has 2 years left on his contract so I also doubt Woody will fire him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe W. Namath View Post
    So you are saying tannenbaum still has GM in his title? Cause if GM is not in his title, you can spin it anyway you want but everyone knows he has been demoted.
    They will spin this as having a "Dream Team" of Bradway, Tanny and whoever gets hired.

    Like the saying for QBs, when you have two you have none, IMO the same is true for GMs, when you have three you have none.

    Too many chefs. Can we just get one guy who is well-rounded in personnel and cap/contracts who can have a few guys work under him but not be completely dependent on them. The supporting cast is important for every GM but I want the guy who is pulling the trigger to be the unquestioned leader. I don't think we have that now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conkboy View Post
    Problem is that typically, a new GM will want to pick his own coach and not inherit one. Does you pool of quality candidates go down if you tell them that Rex has to stay?

    Yes, obviously. If this is how it goes down, I will be sick to my stomach. Business as usual for this f'ing pathetic excuse for an owner.

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    ^ Yup. Woody is here to stay and annoy us 'till the end of our days.

    In fact, Woody will probably be the Jets Owner way after we're all six-feet-under. And that is a depressing thought.

    f'n born-rich bastard. Luckiest waste-of-a-sperm in the friggin' world....

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    Quote Originally Posted by cornjulio21 View Post
    The only way this has a chance to work is if Rex now takes total control a la Belichick, and hires a couple of new personnel guys.
    Oh dear god! Really??? Rex has been incompetent at times, lost his lockerroom at least once, shown some really bad judgment on who he picks as leaders on his team, made terrible personnel decisions, and is clueless on offense........and you want to give him full control to solve that? Really? That's what has a chance to work in your mind? I mean, REALLY!!????


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