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Thread: New Story: Examining the Jets Offensive Line Over the Years

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    Florham Park, NJ -*If you ever get a chance to walk into an NFL locker room you won't be able to avoid the sight of a few gigantic 300 pound plus offensive linemen, it'd be impossible not to notice them as they waddle around room. The irony of course is how often they go unnoticed on the field, yes they are still giants among the other players, but they stay packed in tight and tangle with other gigantic monsters on the defensive side of the ball and they all mesh into one big blur while the ball attracts the attention...


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    Interesting no one's commented on this until now. I've posted before that despite all the fans who get enamored with this style offensive or that style offensive or the importance of a "franchise" QB and enough or good enough "skill" hasn't changed over the decades, games are still won and lost in the trenches. The OL is the single most important unit. The fact that this current regime failed to maintain a dominant OLine is their single biggest failing among several.


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