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Thread: How To Downhill Ski And New York State Ski Mountains List!

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    Went up to Windham this weekend. I'm not much of a skiier but a friend has a place up there. All and all, pretty nice. It was crowded but definitely tolerable. And not as crazy as I'm sure Hunter gets. Got my 6 year old up on skiis for the first time and he liked it.

    Not saying I'm devoting any significant vacation time to skiiing but I'd like to work it in if we have the opportunity.

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    Six to ten inches of snow predicted for eastern upstate New York and western New England beginning on Tuesday Feb 4th and into Wednesday Feb 5th. Good news for the ski centers and skiers.

    One to three inches of snow predicted for the metro New York City area tomorrow Feb 3rd.

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    BIG! BIG! BIG new snow totals in the Catskills up to the Adirondacks and into New England today and a lot more snow expected tonight!

    It's the Presidents Day three day holiday weekend - a lot of people have Monday off. A lot of new snow and air temperatures in the 20's.

    Great skiing weather!

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    12" to 24" of fresh snow expected tomorrow in most of upstate New York and northern New England. Air temperatures cold. Perfect for late season skiing.

    Ski slopes are LOVING it!!


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