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Thread: OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: Jets Vs. Jaguars Week 14

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    Can't believe I'm saying this but they have to go to Tebow in the 2nd half. With no receiving threats and Sanchez unable to throw an accurate pass to whoever he has, they might as well just run option football with Tebow....asuming he can take a hit to the ribs.
    I hope the decision to bench McElroy bites Rex in the a@@ and costs him his job. Disgraceful

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    Believe it or not we need to get rid of Rex and Tanny more so then Sanchez. I know its crazy but true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shuler82 View Post
    This isn't even all on Sanchez. How conservative can you possibly run an offense against one of the worst defenses in football?
    They have no confidence in their QB.

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    So this is what Rock bottom feels like.....

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    Tebow! Tebow!! Tebow!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrowningNagle View Post
    So this is what Rock bottom feels like.....
    Wait till the 2nd half

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    Rex is coaching like a man who knows he's done

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jdeacon88 View Post
    no misdirection no tosses to the outside no runs strictly to t he outside no mMcKnight no creativitythis offense is so boring
    Quote Originally Posted by johnnysd View Post
    actually that was something that really surprised me last week. McElroy was clearly better than handing the ball off than Sanchez
    McElroy wasn't handling the ball better, the play calls were different. They were running counters so the pivot and give is different. For whatever reason, they really call counters with Sanchez as the QB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BleedGnW View Post
    Is this real? We have all 3 timeouts and 1:40 on the clock and we decide to run the clock out. **** THIS TEAM.
    That is because we are facing the mighty might JAguar defense....oh wait.... they suck.

    Jets are scared to allowed sanchez to pass vs this defense. The jaguars!!!!
    F this team.

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    He'll make this. Guaranteed.

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    How anyone can defend Rex after this silly sh*t is beyond me.

    If Woody had any brains, he would be frothing at the f*cking mouth over this level of ineptitude.

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    Just End The Stupidity

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    I have had it with the leadership of this organization

    Why would you make McElroy inactive????? This is disgusting. I'm sure Rex will lose the locker room for this.

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    Did Rex give his patented fist pump when Scobee missed that fg? (no tv coverage in my area.)

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    Another week, another 1st half of mutual futility...time to start drinking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monsterxman View Post
    Bs, if Sanchez didn't suck the offense wouldn't be so conservative.

    everytime they let him open up, he turns the ball over.
    then don't play him.

    it's on the coaches. if they can't trust him to run an offense that doesnt run, run, short pass - then play another QB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uptowngreengang View Post
    Why would you make McElroy inactive????? This is disgusting. I'm sure Rex will lose the locker room for this.
    +1, friend

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dimitri_0515 View Post
    Wait till the 2nd half
    We need Sanchez in the 2nd half to see if he can rebound.

    3 years, 12 games and a 1/2 isn't enough. One more half might help us see what he has...

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    Bad QB and Bad coaching and we have our team. Whatta joke. I die a little every Sunday.

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    I'd like to go back and look at the hiring of sparano thread to see just how many utter door knobs applauded that hire.


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