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Thread: Brandon Jacobs wants OUT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baddniss View Post
    sign this beast as soon as he gets cut...
    Do we need a tough RB?

    (even if he is a head-case)
    Bilal Powell > Brandon Jacobs

    Seriously, I'm not even exaggerating. Jacobs is slow and does not hit the hole hard at all - hasn't since 2008. I'm amazed the 49ers even gave him a contract.

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    Quote Originally Posted by southparkcpa View Post
    More importantly..he was made dispensible in NY by a 7th round pick.

    The Steelers, Giants, Pats understand value in late round picks.

    We take the crumbs off other teams by signing their released players and our draft picks rarely play.

    Your right they know late round picks are worthless, nut getting rid of mouthy over the hill washed up rib is a good idea.

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    Anyone that suggests that we sign this guy is an idiot! These are the types of players who are not team players, see Holmes. He caused problems on the Giants and 49ers, no thanks. Plus he sucks.


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