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Thread: Daily News: Jets 3 Ring Quarterback Circus

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traitor Jay & the Woodies View Post
    The David Woodley/Don Strock tandem is one of the few instances where two QBs worked. I thought the Jets would deploy Sanchez and Tebow in the same fashion. They obviously did not.
    Don Shula is considered a football genius

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    It's a circus because people like SAR look at it like a Circus. In a big market city like New York reporters who write stuff that stir the pot are the ones who earn their paychecks. Rex WILL be back next year along with Sanchez so get used to it. What HAS to change is that this offense and defense need more talented players who are hungry and Tanny has to be demoted.

    If you think this is a Circus than try talking to a Dallas Cowboy fan or a Philadelphia Eagle fan. These were two team that were expected to go all the way this year but have floundered. Then there are the Super Bowl winner Giants who were beat by the upbeat Redskins last week. The debate about Eli being an "elite" QB is still raging.

    The Jets will be a much better team next year but as soon as they loose a game there will be people like SAR who blame Rex instead of underperforming over compensated players. If I were SAR I would just stop watching and switch loyalty..wait he already did


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