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Thread: 41 Pages worth of McElroy @ Redskins Board

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    41 Pages worth of McElroy @ Redskins Board

    i just thought this was funny. went to the redskins message board and saw a mcelroy thread with over 40 pages

    Greg McElroy is the Tom Brady of the 2011 draft

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    Their arms are tired from patting themselves on the back for RG III.

    Needed something else to talk about and the NY Jets always provide...

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    a white QB drafted late. yup, makes sense to me. Except GMAC kills Brady in the wonderlic ... think 44 (?) to 33.

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    So we now have a QB on our team was computer projected to be the next Tom Brady and a WR who was computer projected to be the next Calvin.

    The Jets must be sick in Madden.

    But really after reading the Deadspin article on Sanchez I think we ruined him and its time to move on.

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    Any flow train sightings in that thread? He used to be a mainstay on that board.

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    LOL. They must be board of talking about how great RG3 is.

    I found this thread interesting:
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    The first post really says it all:

    Apparently he's projected to go late in the draft. My QB model projects him to be a franchise NFL QB.

    Tell me why he's not the steal in the draft, if drafted in the 3rd or 4th round.

    Full disclosure: I've never seen him throw a pass.
    That guy should post here, he'd fit right in.


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