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Thread: Utterly Infuriated...

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    Utterly Infuriated...

    Jets have the ball, 1:49 left, all 3 time outs before the half and they essentially kneel on the ball which results almost in a field goal for jacksonville before the half.

    We have been shut out 4 times in the first half this season and you don't go for any points? are you kiddin me?

    F rex, F sporano, F sanchez and F this joke of a team. They are a bunch of clowns.

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    the whole team is offensively clueless and inept from the top to the bottom

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    they're too scared of sanchez throwing an int or fumble. essentially the jets are better off just punting the ball on first down, because the defense has a better chance of scoring than the offense. i dont know how they play him if thats their philosophy while hes out on the field.

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    This team has become the walking circus act that the media predicted before the season.

    And Tebow has nothing to do with it.

    Rex is totally f*cking clueless and the biggest culprit of them all.

    I never want anything to do with a players coach again. You think someone like Parcells would continually trot Sanchez's goofy ass out there as the starter every week? He would've told him to go f*ck himself and permanently sat him on the bench weeks ago.


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