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Thread: Why is no one talking about sporano?

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    Quote Originally Posted by section314 View Post
    Give Sparano some credit; he saw in a mere 11 weeks what Rex still can't see after almost 4 years, that Sanchez is horrible, and that the only way to win with him is to run the ball 50 times/game. The stat yesterday that Sanchez himself has more turnovers than 11 TEAMS is mind boggling. Sanchez at this point is like an what you owe and start over.
    In fact, more like a wife you cant leave due to finances. around a "best" solution until the finances work themselves out.

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    Would love see Norv here.. I cant see it happening.. he doesn seem like a Rex type of guy.. Seemed pretty ticked few years ago when Rex said he would have a few championships if he had SD's offense, as if to say he was a much better coach than Norv. Norv may get a HC chance somewhere.. If not, should be plenty of teams he can be OC for.. Why pick this mess.. I'd take anyone over Sanchez..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dimitri_0515 View Post
    Hire Norv Turner and bring Rivers along with him.
    I'd climb onboard for that.

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    you get the quote though most of the posters feel the same. last season, schitty tried to get tricky and it blew up in the jets faces. last season it was plenty obvious schitty just wasn't a good oc and sanchez lack of progress was proof positive. so out goes schitty and in comes sparano. from my perspective, the jets look much better under sparano even before the last two wins. why? because they have fewer 3 and outs. sparano has much better feel for the game and knows when to call deeper passes. and remember he's saddled with sanchez. the time has come and the evidence is mounting that sanchez just isn't the qb the jets need going forward. you can make excuses for the lack of talent but not one qb looks good if his receivers aren't catching the ball but sanchez all too frequently throws the ball high or too wide or behind or into double coverage or fumbles or ints. hard to develop a receiver when doing all that. kerley is becoming pretty good and hill showed some real promise. keller is better than most and powell isn't bad out of the backfield. so the whole supporting cast excuse is irrelevant. give sparano a real qb or just mcelroy and he'll look much better too. the jets don't throw many screens because sanchez can't sell the screen.

    Quote Originally Posted by eaglenj View Post
    Sparanos hire is on rex a lot more then it is on the GM.

    Sparano has been horrible, our offense has no imagination or deceptiveness. We dont run misdirections, we dont run screens, we dont play 2012 NFL Football.

    That being said, while he should be fired immediately at the end of the year, we cant forget how handicapped he is having sanchez as his qb. This is a guy who has never completed 60% of his passes, locks onto his primary read, has zero pocket presence and has a tendency to fumble when sacked.

    Sparanos job is very hard, but hes doing it poorly as well


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